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On The Wrokdown Network
Wrokdown Media are currently streaming shows into the UK from Northern Visions Television
in Belfast across Northern Ireland and streamed and broadcast into the UK.  We currently have
the Wrokdown Under series on air at the moment and we are in pre-production with another
Wrokdown music series also. If your video ticks all the production boxes, we would be more
than happy to put it in one of the shows we have on air.  The video size must be in High
Definition, aspect ratio of 1080p/1920 and well produced.  

Send your video in and we will appraise it and get back to you.  If all is good, we will prepare
it for broadcast, where it will be shown about twice a week on two different channels to
Approx, 5 million people. All of the weekly shows (radio and TV) will be available for
listening and viewing on this website each week.
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